A personalized approach

Your partner in success, every step of the way


Client satisfaction comes first and foremost at every step. Depending on your needs, we can work with you from assessment through planning to building occupation and beyond. Ultimately, we hope to be your partner over many years and projects.

Every client is unique, and your organization’s ownership, consensus, and approval are the benchmarks of our process. Explore this section for more details on each phase.


Steps for Success

Wold uses an established, transparent, and inclusive process for all of our efforts—from large master-planning projects to small interior remodels and maintenance projects. We collaborate with you to define goals, develop cost-effective solutions, and offer total project management oversight. These steps are key to delivering value and exceeding your expectations:

  • LISTEN and UNDERSTAND your organization
  • DEFINE the goals
  • ENVISION the possibilities
  • IMPLEMENT the decisions


Listen & Understand

We avoid the cookie-cutter approach. Rather than replicating a previous project, we always start fresh by listening to you and defining your organization’s needs and values. We want to capture your unique objectives in the final design.


Define the Goals (Participatory Planning)

Effective facility planning must be an interactive process with broad participation. We bring clients and their stakeholders into the planning process. This ensures that your shared mission and values are front and center for many years to come.

To make your project come to life, Wold uses a Participatory Planning Process. We have decades of experience in mobilizing groups and gaining consensus. We’ll spend quality time with your stakeholders to get their input and buy-in. Developing criteria together, we’ll be able to prioritize needs and evaluate options while maintaining ownership with your stakeholders throughout the process.




Envision the Possibilities

More than just a pretty design, your facility must appeal to its users and the community. Our goal is to collaborate with you to transfer your organization’s ideas and criteria into responsive solutions, without any confusion or chaos. Together, we’ll come up with a solution that’s functional, flexible, and meets your objectives.



Coordination is vital to delivering a project that is on time and on budget. We work with your team to establish project milestones then continually monitor progress and manage costs. Our team works together with you, the contractor and other involved parties to proactively solve potential problems and deliver a result that exceeds your expectations.


Successful Outcomes

Throughout our process, Wold strives to deliver:

  • Clear understanding of your goals and objectives
  • Long-range vision
  • Well-managed team and project
  • Collaborative approach
  • Ownership at all levels
  • Proactively managed budget and schedule
  • Exceptional design
  • Partnership for your long-term success


Above all else, our goal is to deliver a result that uniquely answers your organization’s needs while building relationships that become long-term partnerships.