Carlton County Barnum Trans and Maint Facility

Carlton County Barnum Transportation and Maintenance Facility

Wold Architects and Engineers helped Carlton County expand the Barum Transportation and Maintenance Facility to meet the needs of the community. This space was undersized for the transportation maintenance services it was providing, such as; vehicle, bridge and road maintenance. Wold worked with the county’s staff to improve the effectiveness of the operations. The county was committed to reusing the existing metal building, but needed additional space for vehicle storage and maintenance. The final solution was an addition to the existing building that included new office and locker space for staff, a new precast concrete structure for more vehicle storage and an expanded mechanics suite.

The main driver for the project was that the original facility lacked adequate space to safely store and maintain equipment. Too much material was being stored in a small garage space and much of the equipment was stored outdoors. The existing mechanic’s space was undersized and lacked space to safely maintain the vehicle fleet. As a result, the mechanics were frequently required to maintain heavy equipment in the main garage without proper equipment to move this machinery safely.

To address these obstacles, Wold designed a facility that would allow ample space for vehicles and maintenance services. During the design phase, Wold gave another perspective on operations, function and flow of the space. For instance, the main office was placed at the front of the building to restrict vendors and citizens from walking into the garage portions of the building. A mechanic suite was designed to house specialized equipment necessary for a variety of services. This area includes multiple maintenance bays, an enclosed work room for welding and fabricating, a vehicle lubricant room and a ten ton overhead crane designed to reach all areas. The site also includes a fuel island and drive thru wash bay. The overall design concept was to connect the new and existing building with complementary materials and utilize natural daylighting to brighten and modernize the exterior and interior feel of the building.

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