Ryan Downs


Ryan 4343
Areas of Focus:

"When I stop to consider all the spaces and buildings I have designed thus far in my career, it is the one’s that have advanced hope, equity, and a sense of purpose for a particular community that have made me passionate about doing what I do. "

Ryan is a registered architect with a passion for public and community-centered projects. Since 1996, he has dedicated his career to serving his community and this has enabled him to design projects ranging from a Fire/Crash/Rescue Station on an air force base in Georgia, a women and children’s clinic in Florida, to 25 locations for Wounded Warrior Project. Ryan has provided pro-bono services for orphanages, community centers and emergency shelters around the world. Ryan is currently pursuing a Masters of Design Studies (MDS) for Human Health at the Boston Architectural College, and is an adjunct instructor at the Community College of Denver.

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