Ruck Pate

Ruck Pate Architecture, a collaborative group of resourceful, creative people dedicated to providing their clients with quality built environments that meet the social and competitive demands of the future was founded in 1974.

Ruck Pate's Principals, Steven Pate, John Maurer and Frederick Schuster, devote their skills as leaders and communicators to a participatory design process, involving clients and stakeholders.

A collaborative design philosophy unites diverse needs through consensus-based planning and community involvement. Ruck Pate's clients find this process integral to each project's success—facilitating open communication fosters group support, which in turn stimulates creativity. Based on common goals, the design teams offer fresh perspectives using creativity, knowledge and skill.

Combined with the in-house cost estimating systems, design solutions develop quickly and cost-effectively to maintain budget, schedule and environmental requirements. Everyone with a stake in the process knows they are contributing to a successful result, a facility that will benefit its users and community over the long term.