Wildwood Presbyterian Church

Wildwood, Illinois

With a growing membership, Wildwood commissioned us to work with the many ministries and church leadership to plan and design the church for a new site close by. The sanctuary seats 355, adjoining a large Narthex that serves as the gathering center of the church.

The building is specifically designed to adapt to a singular site. Natural lighting is provided through a combination of clerestory, artistic, and normal glazing. Expansion potential is identified as well as the ability to grow beyond initial site constrictions. The site design also promotes the natural environment.

  • Gymnasium/Fellowship Hall adjoins the Narthex
  • Church offices offering secure and convenient access adjacent to the main entry
  • Dual corridors lead from the Narthex to the Christian Education wing, creating a circular access to all functions
  • A spacious Story Area which also serves as a queuing area for the weekly Pre-School program
  • The Narthex, as the heart of the church, promotes fellowship for facility users