St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church

Chicago, Illinois

We facilitated a Master Plan in which all events, Town Hall presentations, reports, and drawings, were made bilingually in English and Spanish. The planning committee originally envisioned renovating the parish's deteriorated 1920's parish hall, riddled with accessibility problems. The participatory planning process revealed deficiencies in other aspects of fellowship and worship. The 1960 church building had a tiny narthex. Children's Liturgy of the Word required the youngsters to go outside the church and down the block to the parish hall, often in inclement weather.

After careful evaluation, a more future oriented and comprehensive option of demolishing the existing parish hall represented better stewardship and paved the way for more global thinking. The new parish hall is on a single floor, and provides a gathering center, which will serve as the new entrance to the church. As part of the addition/renovation, we proposed and has designed a dramatic new Blessed Sacrament Reservation Chapel, visible to the assembly, and a Reconciliation Chapel. The design team was careful to preserve and improve important shrines to Our Lady of Providence and Our Lady of Guadalupe.


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