St. Anne Catholic Community

Barrington, Illinois

Facility Utilization studies were conducted, followed by a Needs Analysis. John Buscemi was engaged as the Liturgical Design Consultant for the parish, and began the process of dreaming and defining the needs, values, and treasures of the St. Anne Community.

In collaboration with YHR Partners, we jointly facilitated a comprehensive master plan. When the parish made the decision to fund and build the entire master plan, we proceeded to design a complete campus. The project required exceptional creativity due to the restricted site, which was surrounded by homes in the old center of Barrington.

  • New Sanctuary seating 1300
  • Fully restored Daily Mass Chapel for 160
  • Limestone Neo-Gothic design in keeping with Parish's identity and tradition
  • Substantial additions and renovations to the St. Anne School
  • New gymnasium, cafeteria and kitchen
  • New Technology Center
  • Renovated space in the existing school providing pre-school classrooms, art and music rooms, learning center, science lab, small group space
  • Reconfigured city streets/traffic routing