Saint Anthony-New Brighton

Saint Anthony-New Brighton Public Schools

Wold’s approach for the renovations and additions to Saint Anthony-New Brighton Secondary School focused on reorganization of the major building components and the addition of a new Student Commons to better facilitate student flow, activities and a cohesive approach to the building that was lacking. The classroom and lab portions of the academic building were reorganized to create six new STEM and science labs with shared resource spaces between each. This concept included repurposing an existing industrial technology lab was with physics to combine sciences with contemporary curriculum including robotics and high-mileage vehicle construction. Additionally, the entire special education suite was reconfigured to better meet the needs of the current student population. Other design features include:

  • Expanded parent drop off and visitor parking with new separated bus loop
  • Complete modernization of Building Mechanical and Electrical Infrastructure
  • 750 Seat Auditorium Renovation
  • Kitchen Renovation and Expansion
  • New Fitness Center