Roscoe Middle School

Kinnikinnick School District

The new, 500-student Roscoe Middle School, which opened in Fall 2000, was designed to encourage dynamic grouping of students within the educational environment. The facility was initially comprised of four academic spaces or "houses" organized in clusters, each sized for a 125-student capacity. The core components (gymnasium, cafeteria, circulation areas, etc.) were designed and constructed day one to accommodate future growth up to 1,000 student capacity.

In Fall 2004, a two-story addition was completed. The lower level of the addition included two additional classroom clusters and support spaces, while the upper level was constructed as a shell. In Fall 2007, the build-out of the upper level of the addition was completed in conjunction with a second building adddition to expand teh Careteria. The facility now has classroom and support spaces to accommodate a 1,250 student population in a 10-cluster organization.