Richard D. Crosby Elementary School

Harvard, Illinois

The school consists of four "family" groups of 175 students. Each family includes nine Classrooms (ten at Kindergarten), several small group spaces, student washrooms, and an open, centrally located Discovery Center. The houses share an Art Room as well as restrooms, storage, and other support functions. Four Kindergarten rooms with dedicated Kindergarten Large Group and Outdoor Play spaces that are positioned as a "bridge" between the two neighborhoods. This arrangement effectively creates two 350-student schools, which share common Learning Center, Computer Lab, Multi-Purpose, Music, Gym, and Administration areas. 

A Four-color scheme is used to provide wayfinding. Each house employs one of the four colors, and multi-color patterns are used in common areas. 

The inclusion of four Discovery Centers makes a highly flexible, and yet a functionally equipped teaching resource available for dedicated use by each grade level. The Discovery Center acts as an invaluable and indispensable extension of the classroom environment.