Prairieview Elementary School

Grayslake, Illinois

School Districts like District 46, which experience rapid growth, face a dilemma when determining the best way to house the expanding student population. The school brings the benefits of a small-scale child-oriented learning environment to the practicality of a large school solution. The school consists of four "family" groups of 175 students, which are paired in two "neighborhoods" of 350 students each. This arrangement effectively creates two 350-student schools which share common Learning Center, Computer Lab, Multi-Purpose, Music, Gym, and Administration areas.

  • Neighborhoods with unique identities
  • Sloping roof lines for small-scale feel
  • Creative use of wetland areas to enhance curriculum opportunities
  • Dramatic Media Center emphasizing reading and communication
  • Simple circulation paths in a secure environment facilitating supervision
  • Large and small group spaces
  • Advanced technology instruction
  • Protective Kindergarten environment with separate circulation/ exterior play