The Peter Burritt Building

The five stories of stone brick and steel at 25 South Grove Avenue in Elgin enjoy a rich, if unusual past. Formerly owned by Rebecca Burritt, wife of the building's namesake, Peter Burritt, it was considered one of the first "skyscrapers" in Fox River Valley. The original purpose of the bulding was not to provide much needed office space to a growing central business district, but rather to meet the conditions of her late husband's will and testament.

In 1914, nearly 20 years after Burritt's death, Rebecca finally complied with her husband's wishes. However, in an attempt to save dollars from the very inheritance she sought to receive, she directed the contractor to leave all but the ground floor unfinished. For 85 years the building supported a thriving retail trade with its street level shops, but lay empty and unfinished on the floors above. In 1998, the building was acquired by a local developer. It was the vision of this new owner to meet the corporate needs of a growing community by introducing Class A office space to downtown Elgin. Today, after a 105 year wait, Peter Burritt's request has been fulfilled. The building stands with a new facade and finished floors for the first time in its history—ready for the new millennium and its next hundred years.