Perham Health and Living

Perham, Minnesota

This project began as a master plan, evaluating whether to renovate or build new, and the client decided to do a complete replacement. As a critical access hospital, staffing efficiency is of utmost importance, and we designed this facility to be able to be staffed by a minimum number of staff, particularly at night.

Overall, one of the primary objectives that underlies the design of the entire facility was to reduce stress--for patients, families, and caregivers. The overall layout of the facility was planned to make wayfinding easier for patients, with the departments and services most frequently visited easiest to find. Wayfinding is addressed not only at the scale of the whole building, but also with respect to areas and departments as well, with themes and motifs giving each department a unique identity, making wayfinding easier for visitors.

Perham Health and Living is featured in the September, 2012 issue of Healthcare Design Magazine.

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