Maercker Elementary School

Clarendon Hills, Illinois

The new 600-student Maercker School is the keystone of the district's program to expand and update faclities. The Maercker School serves grades 3-5 while the Holmes School serves K-2 and Westview Hills serves grades 6-8. The Maercker project, along with additions and renovations to the latter two schools, were all accomplished through dedication to excellence and commitment to a cooperative team process involving the Architect, Construction Manager, and District 60.

The new Maercker school replaces the previous school buildings on the site, parts dating from 1907. Also, to implement the expansion program, all construction had to be performed while keeping the existing schools operational. The Maercker School was constructed in two phases to meet this requirement.

  • Expansion to accommodate 600 students per school
  • Updated facilities to support curriculum
  • Efficient, economical buildings to minimize operating costs
  • After-hours community use of facilities
  • Successful, on-time project delivery that was also under budget
  • Fast-track design and construction