Kaneland Harter Middle School

Sugar Grove, Illinois

Kaneland CUSD 302 commissioned us to design a second middle school to address accelerated population growth throughout the surrounding municipalities this District serves. The design responds to Kaneland's team-based middle school teaching model, offering a variety of traditional and exploratory programs in a 5-core curriculum format for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

In keeping with District 302's long-range plan, we developed a prototype design for Kaneland 302's 200+ acre parcel bounded by Route 47 and Harter Road. A future new high school is also planned for this site. The goal was to create a comprehensive, flexible plan, which could be cost-effectively adapted and duplicated on another site to accommodate projected future increases in student enrollment.

The design promotes a community feel within the school and encourages student mentoring, incorporating wireless technology throughout the building to allow for optimum flexibility. Separate entrances for students, visitors, and after-hours access provide better security and more efficient traffic flow. Responding to the District's strong Fine Arts program, the design incorporates a unique 'art gallery' concept, which frames student artwork and 3-D pieces have a prominent role both on the school interior hallways and in display cases throughout the building.