Jesus Rodarte Cultural Center

City of Greeley, Colorado

The Jesus Rodarte Cultural Center was a community-based facility in need of renovations and a recreation addition. Wold responded to the changing needs of the City of Greeley and the specific community this building would serve by designing a seamless addition and bringing architectural improvements to the banquet room, youth program spaces, and lobby. Wold worked with the City to re-examine the design elements dictated by the area’s Mercado del Norte standards related to traditional Mexican architectural features, and provide a more contemporary approach to honor the rich heritage of the neighborhood in a design more appropriate for the Center, including:

  • Color palette aligned with modern Mexican architecture
  • Expanded project scope within original budget to fully realize aesthetic transformation
  • Athletic facilities including boxing gym, basketball court, fitness center, and recreational rooms
  • Lobby featuring historic memorabilia
  • Display areas for student work and the city’s public art partnership