Fort Logan Northgate 3-8 School

Sheridan, Colorado

It was the goal of the Sheridan planning committee to develop a school that provides adequate separation for the range of age groups and curriculum adaptation for different grades. Planning led to vertical separation and placed the older students on the upper level. Upstairs are three “houses,” one for each grade and comprised of four classrooms and a science lab. Just outside the house clusters are shared computer labs, flex classrooms, and student lockers. Shared areas include: Art, Music, Media Center, Special Ed., Gymnasium, and Cafeteria. Most of this space will be designed to minimize integration of ages, with the exception of the media center, which will have different zones for different age groups to allow for some overlap in schedule. The simple circulation layout of the school allows for strong visual connection from end to end to further enhance supervision.

*Designed in collaboration with Larson Incitti Architects, Denver, CO.