Career Development

The amount of relevant professional skills our employees gain while working at Wold is virtually unmatched. Employees are part of the entire design process and have many opportunities for continued learning and growth. Architectural staff can earn IDP credits faster than their peers at other firms. Engineers also excel while they work hands-on with Professional Engineers who provide them with the mentorship and training hours they need to be prepared for their professional exams and career.


Employee Perspectives:


"The people here have always had an unselfish attitude. It seems that no matter how stressful and busy things get, people are always willing to take time out of their day to help you if you have a question or concern."

Nathaniel H. // Architectural Intern


“The environment at Wold is inclusive and makes me feel valued. It promotes teamwork as well as independent creativity.”

Adnan A. // Electrical Engineer


“I experienced more opportunities in my first year at Wold than most of my classmates working elsewhere.”

Valerie Peterson // Associate

"I love that we work in a collaborative process. From the most recent new hire, to the most experienced principal, to the newest client, we're all on the same team. Everyone is family at Wold and that feeling extends to every single client we get to help."

Amanda S. // Architectural Intern


“We want to teach [new employees] the fundamentals when they first come into the office. We want to mentor them and make sure they understand that it's not just design like you see in school—there's a lot more to it. We try to teach them about relationships right away; we want them to understand how important it is to our firm to be a part of a relationship and to make sure that you keep that relationship. We want them to grow not only through design—which everyone wants to do out of school—but they also need to understand how a building is put together and they need to work on the little things that put a building together."

Ihor Panchenko // Associate

"I like the responsibility that I was given immediately out of school. There are no obstacles in your way when you want to move forward in the company, and you are rewarded when you succeed."

Vaughn Dierks // Associate


"You can really control your experiences and your path at Wold; they are willing to give you as much responsibility as you ask for.”

Andy D. // Architectural Intern

"One of the things I truly value about Wold is the learning environment. One of the most rewarding things is working with staff and letting them develop professionally and investing in them so that they can grow."

Matt Mooney // Associate