Ramsey County Jail and LEC

Ramsey County

This new county facility is a 500-bed jail, pre-trial courtroom complex, office headquarters for the Sheriff’s administrative staff, and peace officers’ training center complete with firing range designed with a cost-effective efficiency as an overall safety and security objective. A new pre-booking area allows municipal police to bring detainees to the LEC directly, without having to detour to their local stations to first prepare arrest reports. The facility was designed to reduce detainee movement by maintaining single-level detainee movement from the vehicle sally port, booking, housing, and court. The housing in the four levels above provides housing options for longer terms. Site masterplanning for this public safety campus included a City of Saint Paul police headquarters, 911 center, detox/mental health center, as well as accommodation for growth and an additional 500-bed tower. Office space providing operational efficiency is provided for the following:

  • Police investigators
  • City and County attorneys
  • Public Defender
  • Courts staff