Harvard-Diggins Library

Harvard, Illinois

A growing population and demand for library services led the community of Harvard, Illinois to build a new library. The library is located within a recently created 50-acre park complex. The library moved from its original 3,000 square foot building built in 1908 with an endowment from one of Harvard's native sons, Delos F. Diggins. The new library building is a link between the city's farming heritage and the future, providing all the elements needed for up-to-date library services in a compact setting with full accessibility.

The open fan-shaped plan allows direct visual supervision of public use areas from the circulation desk so that the same staff can manage a facility six times the size of the old. Low 48" stacks in the library can be replaced with full-height stacks to increase capacity as the collection grows. The building structure is designed to accept another bay along the curved wall to increase the building size if growth necessitates expansion.

  • Enable expanded services without increase to the existing small staff
  • Accommodate future expansion with minimal disruption to library operations
  • Provide a visual connection to Harvard's farming heritage
  • Orient the building to take advantage of the best views of the park's natural landscape
  • Support transformation of the Library from a 19th century service model to a 21st century service model