North Shore Academy

Highland Park, Illinois

The facility provides a continuum of highly structured, individualized therapeutic programs designed to meet the educational and emotional needs of its students. A new alternative school building was required to serve a population of 144 special education students. The building is designed to provide learning activities to students, which enhance their competencies to lead satisfying lives at home, school, and community. 

The building is designed for students with significant social/emotional problems and spaces needed to accommodate a higher net area per student due to the potential uncertain behavior. 

Grade level neighborhoods were created with welcoming appeal and convenient supervision capability. A shared area is provided for each neighborhood for group activities. Each neighborhood includes counseling areas as a therapeutic component to the basic education curriculum that provides a milieu of counseling to support student success. Study rooms are provided within each classroom for one-on-one attention to students.

  • Building Consensus   
  • Security and Access   
  • Central Atrium Stair   
  • Exploratory Neighborhood   
  • Wall of Courage