Hermantown High School

Hermantown, MN

The Hermantown High School project began from the need to replace the outdated Middle School. In evaluating needs across the District, it became apparent that building a new High School and relocating the Middle School students to the existing High School would provide benefits for all. The project evolved into a major addition of a new High School on the existing building to take advantage of shared spaces and promote greater program connection for students during transitional years. The end result is a two story building organized around two cores for gathering – a digital commons and student commons. Classrooms, labs, support spaces and conference rooms surround the digital commons, a re-envisioned concept of the media center without traditional bookshelves. Additionally, the concept of a large group presentation space was explored as a means of developing student verbal and graphic skills. The resulting building has minimal corridors, with all other space focused on extensions of the learning environment beyond the classroom walls. The entire project is a shift towards self-guided learning and flexibility.

Tags: High Schools