Park View Health Center

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Park View Health Center was named a “2009 DESIGN Citation of Merit” winner for its design innovation, and was featured in the annual “DESIGN” supplement to Long-Term Living Magazine.

Driven by a desire to promote resident dignity and wellbeing through in a facility as close to home-like as possible, we partnered with Winnebago County to design a replacement skilled nursing facility. Designed to support an optimal 10-11 resident social unit, as well optimal staffing patterns, this county-owned residence creates private rooms for 168 skilled care residents.

To ensure residents have opportunities to walk outdoors, or merely sit on a front porch, each household has its own secure courtyard, as well as a porch or deck. The campus has extensive interpretive nature trails, for use by residents and families, as well as staff. To help maintain a residential feel, service elevators in each neighborhood help keep service carts out of households and hallways.