Good Samaritan Comforcare

Austin, Minnesota

This project consists of 45 beds total:

  • 15 beds Alzheimer’s Care/Memory Care
  • 15 beds short-stay
  • 15 beds long-term care
  • Project Cost: $6 million. Size: 39,228 square feet

One of the client’s main goals is to have the new Good Samaritan Comforcare facility be viewed as the premiere destination in the area for those seeking a home with nursing care, whether for the long-term or the short-term. To assist them in achieving this goal, we designed the new facility in the neighborhood concept, centered on resident dignity. The design promotes a sense of home and normalcy for the resident through cozy dining areas, scaled more like a family dining room than an institution. Recognizing that emotional and psychological wellbeing relies on a both social interaction and solitude, warm and engaging living areas encourage gathering of residents and families, and a private room for each resident offers solitude.