Oakes Community Hospital

Oakes, North Dakota

The owner’s goals for this replacement Critical Access Hospital were to create a technology-driven state-of-the-art community hospital facility. The hospital balances efficiency and technology to create a nurturing healing environment for the community. A geothermal heat pump provides heating for domestic hot water. 

The design helps reduce stress for patients, families, and staff through a variety of strategies. Space is created in patient rooms and inpatient areas for families to gather, and provide support and assistance in patient recovery. Clear and simple wayfinding reduces confusion and stress. Public areas and staff areas are separate, allowing staff much-needed “down time” for relaxation and renewal. Departments were designed to optimize reimbursement under Critical Access rules. 

The hospital was designed to be flexible in the future — to allow departments to be expanded without relocation, and new services to be added without disrupting existing areas.

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