Eastview High School

Rosemount - Apple Valley - Eagan Public Schools

The challenge was to design a flexible high school for 2,000 students providing stimulating, adaptable learning spaces benefited by smaller, personalized, "home town" school environments. Wold facilitated the design process guided by input from school officials, user groups and a community committee, through participatory planning meetings, to address four specific objectives:

  • Full integration of the interdisciplinary "house" teaching philosophy present in the district's elementary/middle schools
  • Accommodation for future student population increases
  • Support for state-of-the-art technological resources
  • An academic environment maximizing efficiency, communication and student/public access

The resulting High School was one of the first to feature an advanced house concept built off the ideology developed in the other District buildings. Eight separate houses are anchored by a two level media center at one end of the academic wing and adjacent lab spaces to all houses. Additional features include:

  • Fabrication Lab to support the sciences, arts and technology
  • Centrally located student commons as the building hub
  • Student guidance cneter and career planning suite
  • Completion gymnasium and separate auxilary gyms
  • 650-seat Auditorium and support spaces
  • Dance Studio