Hazel Park Junior High

Hazel Park Community Schools

The 700-student Hazel Park Junior High School is located on former junior high school site. A well-managed phased construction schedule allowed for continuous site use and occupancy. Care in the design and placement of this new community resource on its site has maintinaed the "neighborhood image" within its residential context.

Four academic houses provide the key organization for the educational wing and accommodates a multi disciplinary seventh and eighth grade curriculum. The overall floor plan allows for the academic area to be zoned,  while providing for public and ommunity use of gymnasiums, multi-purpose room, community office and conference room.

Specialized features of the building include:

  • 650-Seat auditeria (auditorium/cafeteria combination)
  • Student Commons
  • Industrial Technology Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Music Suite
  • Curriculum Resource Areas