Ramsey County Juvenile and Family Justice Center

Ramsey County

The design of Ramsey County’s Juvenile and Family Justice Center is a strong statement of the County’s commitment to making their facilities a model for design. Focusing on youth and family, the facility provides openness, daylight, and accommodating processes and services. Bringing a dramatic architectural statement to the city of St. Paul, the Justice Center gives an expressive face to the important services provided within, while still respecting the dignity of the judicial process. To address issues of capacity and organization, the following design features were implemented:

  • Six new courtrooms and base tower for high-rise expansion of six additional courtrooms
  • Enclosed lobbies offering views of the surrounding city
  • Expansion of detention wing from 30-beds to 90-beds
  • Six new supervision pods
  • New classrooms, computer labs, and indoor/outdoor recreation spaces