We value the opportunity to provide our clients with collaborative and successful project experiences. Our firm's success is deeply rooted in our clients' satisfaction and we are grateful to receive positive feedback from the counties, cities, and school districts we serve.


Watch the Idalia Story! The new PK-12 school in Idalia, Colorado is more than a new educational building for this Eastern Plains Districtit represents an innovative approach that breaks away from the archetypical school. Going beyond sustainable, high performance building systems, the school design focuses on the student and is developed around 21st century learning principles.


"Early on, Wold made it very clear at our first community meeting that it wasn't the architect team and the school team; we were one team, and it has been that way all through the process."

Nancy Helling // Board Member, Idalia RJ-3 School District

“Wold understands that public sector projects all seem to be political in nature. Wold has worked diligently to understand the different political forces at play and how they might affect our project. They professionally present the issues surrounding the development of our project and its design, providing our elected officials and stakeholders with a clear, concise roadmap to follow. I am happy to report that the Wold team has continued to exceed our expectations through design completion and into construction. I am pleased with our final design and can easily see that the Wold team is the most organized and responsive architectural and engineering team I have ever collaborated with.”
Dave Donovan // Director of Facility and Support Services, Scott County

"Our district continues to communicate regularly on post-building needs and has found that Wold continues to treat us as if we are their only clients. Wold places a very high priority on relationships and it is greatly appreciated by all connected with our construction projects. This relationship is ongoing as we regularly consult them as to how we can improve our facilities as needs arise."

Rick Ellingworth // Superintendent, Redwood Area School District ISD 2897

“It's certainly easy for most architectural/engineering firms to be excited and on board when we begin projects, but I've always felt that, whether it's on the 11-month walkthrough or it's three years down the line or a decade later, Wold has always been there with a smile and willing to help if we have any problems or concerns.”

Jolly Mangine // Former Property Manager, Ramsey County

I have worked with Wold on two B.E.S.T. projects and have been very impressed with the quality of their work, as well as the product we received. Wold's level of service constantly surpasses other firms we have worked with.

Cyndi Wright // Facilities Director, Sheridan School District 2

"The communication is unbelievable. They really do know our districtour building, our needsand it was a relief during the process that they were like a part of our community in how they would advocate for us. [...] Wold understands schools. They understand the needs and the flexibility in classrooms and how teachers teach and the variety of students learn. It was a huge advantage to us to have an architectural firm that knows and understands education."

Mike Kelly // Superintendent, Randolph Public Schools ISD 195

“I would strongly recommend Wold Architects and Engineers to any governmental agency that is looking for a creative, progressive and hardworking design and engineering firm that is committed to helping you achieve your goals and objectives.”

Bob Fletcher // Former Ramsey County Sheriff

“I would characterize our experience with Wold Architects and Engineers as a very positive one. They have been extremely innovative while facilitating an inclusive multi-year process that took us from conception to design development, and finally construction of our new Law Enforcement Center. I honestly contribute a big part of our unprecedented progress to Wold’s commitment to this project. They designed a very durable, functional and long-lasting facility that will save us considerable operational costs over the life of the facility […]. They have also been excellent to work with in regards to budgeting and cost estimating, which has kept us within our budget and on schedule.”

Bob Fletcher // Former Ramsey County Sheriff

"We are excited about the resources that Wold has to offer. [...] They do a good job of listening for the needs, listening to what concerns we might have, and listening to our ideas and how we might incorporate that."

Jay Marino // Superintendent, Dunlap CUSD 323